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Robocall Scandal: People Hit the Streets

People fill the streets of downtown Vancouver to protest the 'robocall' scandal Saturday, March 3, 2012. There is no greater sign of non-confidence and misrepresented election results than a series of protests that have broken out across the country. If people believed and voted for a Conservative government fair and square, this would not be happening.

The protests started taking place in downtown Vancouver where protesters were joined by Union leaders and MPs. Many of the protesters carried Canadian flags – some carried them upside down.

At the protest, NDP MP Libby Davies and Green Party candidate in the last election called for a public inquiry.

On Monday, a protest will take place in Ottawa and many others have been slotted for next weekend.

Elections Canada said it was investigating complaints from over 31,000 contacts about robocalls and live calls that were made during the last election and attempted to suppress voters by misdirecting them.

It is important that the people demand a public Inquiry as Elections Canada and the RCMP have been seen to be politically bias in the past. It is also disturbing how closed the Elections Canada investigation has been raising suspicion over the validity – especially  with earlier reports that the accused, the Conservatives, would verify the calls before they went to the Elections Canada investigation.

It also doesn’t help that the Conservatives are attacking the Liberals instead of calling a public inquiry which would clear them of any fraudulent activity if they are found to be innocent. The more they try to doubt and/or blame the robocall scandal, the more they imply that voters and people with complaints are liars and the more people question whether they are as innocent as they claim.

Regardless who is guilty and responsible for the attack against Canadian democracy, a public inquiry would be beneficiary in order to get down to the bottom of it and finally allow Canadians to start having faith in their democratic institutions again – which by the series of protests in store, they obviously don’t.

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