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Robocall Scandal: Dean Del Mastro says It could have been ‘Mistakes’

Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro says no one has stepped forward to say they were unable to vote because they were misdirected by election phone messages.On today’s Power and Politics, Dean Del Mastro was again put into the hot seat as he was introduced to the CBC investigation that found links between voters who got robocalls and their response to Conservative recruiters.

Del Mastro started off denying the existence of 700 complaints.

"So where are these people? Where are these people? Where are these people saying that I got the call, I went to the wrong station, and then I didn't vote?" Del Mastro said.

"There haven’t been any. No one has stepped forward and said that.”

He later claimed that they may have been simple mistakes.

"Some of these things, as I've already indicated, could have well been mistakes. I don't understand why folks jump to these things and run to a conclusion that they have no evidence of."

Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand wants to speak to a House committee and Del Mastro indicated support, however, when it comes to a full public inquiry, the Conservatives are still strongly against.

It started with throwing a staffer under the bus, then claiming the Liberals were behind a “smear campaign” and now it may just have been a series of mistakes and everyone is making a big deal over nothing.

What will the next story be, what do the Conservatives have to hide?

In case you missed it, the CBC investigation was released at the same time as 700 cases of Electoral Fraud were confirmed by Elections Canada and a former Tory MP spoke out against his former party’s voter identification system.

The pieces are falling into place; everything is adding up. Do you think that the Robocall scandal is nothing more than an overblown mistake?

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