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Rae Demands Royal Commission into Robocalls

Chris Wattie / ReutersThe Conservatives continue to play the blame game rather than look into allegations of voter suppression and voter fraud as more people take to the streets in what can be described as a loss of confidence in our electoral system.

The Conservatives continue to claim Robocall is an ‘unsubstantiated smear campaign’ but that is rich coming from their war room – especially when you look at their attacks on Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff over the last 3 years.

All the while, a feisty Bob Rae has come out demanding a Royal Commission be held over the Robocall scandal and the NDP demands that amendments be made within 6 months to give Elections Canada more power to gain information and punish those found guilty of election fraud in future and past elections – including this one.

“Nobody on this side has anything to fear from a Royal Commission,” Rae said. “We ask for it. We demand it.”

NDP Interim Leader Nycole Turmel followed Rae’s lead saying, “if the Prime Minister has nothing to hide, a public inquiry is the way to go.”

The Conservatives, however, ignored the calls for a public inquiry and instead attacked the Liberals – again.

Parliamentary Secretary to PM Harper, Dean Del Mastro pointed out a Liberal robocall in Guelph that didn’t identify as a Liberal ad and was used to attack the Conservative candidate over his views on abortion.

“These deceptive robocalls, Mr. Speaker, used a phony number, a phony person and they attacked and suppressed votes in Guelph,” he said.

“That was the real intent behind them … the Liberal candidate and the party (has) acted in a fashion that is deceptive, disgraceful and dishonest.”

Liberal MP Frank Valeriote responded pointing out the difference between the Liberal robocall and that of the ones responsible for voter fraud.

“This was an issue-based call, which could have easily been tracked back to our service provider, totally different from the fraudulent calls that came from Pierre Poutine on Election Day,” he said.

Using a bit of logic, if the Liberals were guilty of Election fraud as the Conservatives are claiming, why are they making the biggest fuss about it and pushing for an inquiry which in Conservative theory would incriminate them?

Again, using logic, if the Conservatives are as innocent as they claim, why do they yet again insist on attacking those who brought up the allegations and not launch a clean and fair public inquiry which in theory should prove Conservative innocence and at the same time ridicule the opposition for bringing up the matter and wasting money on it?

Just as a side note, the Opposition parties aren’t the only ones who want a public inquiry…

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