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Liberals Demand Full Investigation into Robocalls

imageLiberal Interim Leader Bob Rae said in a press conference today that he wants a full investigation into the Robocalls that have affected over 29 ridings so far. The Liberals have evidence that links 27 ridings to automated calls which falsely told voters that their polling stations had changed.

Rae accuses Harper of running a dirty tricks campaign and has sent a letter to the Speaker requesting an emergency debate on the matter. Harper denies having knowledge of the phony calls.

"Dirty tricks are not permissible at any time," Rae said.

Rae goes as far as to claim that the dirty tricks contributed to the defeat in at least 27 ridings, stating that the tactics were the equivalent of "stuffing a ballot box."

He called on the Prime Minister and any Conservative MP or official with information to turn it over to the RCMP or Elections Canada.

In an independent investigation, the calls were found to have come from Racknine whose owner has been recently found to have strong connections with the Conservative party.

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