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Anonymous Gives Toews A Week To Comply

Anonymous makes its case clear and aggressively demands Conservatives backtrack and Toews resign.

Yesterday, Anonymous released a video warning Vic Toews and any politician who supports Bill C-30 that scandals will be surfaced in 7 days if they did not kill Bill C-30 and Bill-C11 and have Vic Toews resign and give a formal apology to Canadians for calling them supporters of pedophilia and attempting to infringe on “basic civil rights.”

Today, they attacked the computers at the The Ontario Association of Police Chiefs – who support C-30 – stating on Twitter:

However, Joe Couto, spokesman for The Ontario Association of Police Chiefs said that the attack only reinforced their support for the bill.

“What this does is demonstrate quite clearly to Canadians the type of cyber crimes perpetuated every day,” Couto said.

“The citizens of this province and this country are asking us to address cyber crimes and we need tools for that.”

Anonymous revealed that the purpose of the bill was never to protect child pornography, as Toews stated in his controversial remark not too long ago where he called anyone who didn’t support him a supporter of child pornography.

Anonymous goes on to slam how ‘convenient’ Bill C-30 is when they plan to pass Bill C-11 which would make every Canadian who shares or backs up content of any kind a criminal.

Bill C-11 would allow the Canadian government to block Canadian access to YouTube on the basis that it contains material that supports piracy.

Anonymous revealed that Bill C-30 was originally named “An act to enact the investigating and preventing criminal electronic communications act and to amend the criminal code and other acts,” but renamed it to “The protecting children from predators act” to make it an easier sell to Canadians.

Anonymous warns that it is “becoming impatient” and that it has evidence that links Vic Toews and other Conservative MPs to serious crimes in their past – crimes, they state, have been used to stay in power. Some of the scandals extend to the highest levels of government.

Anonymous finishes by asking parliamentarians to reflect on how many more scandals and crimes they want revealed in light of the election fraud scandal.

“A government that doesn’t allow its people any secrets are not allowed any secrets of its own,” they justifiably conclude.