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Anonymous Demands: Toews Resign, Kill C-30

While Vic Toews fights to the brink for his bill, and attempts to retract claiming he didn’t know it would permit warrantless access to all online and mobile activities, Canadians and activists are fighting back. As Toews hides behind child pornography and attempts to do what Conservatives do best: divide and conquer, the joke is on him as parts of his life entered public light.

These shameful events reveal a man who is contradictory to what he stands for. The Sancrinity of marriage between a man and a woman means nothing to him and if recent allegations are true, his child pornography comments may soon haunt him as more information leaks of his affairs with a much younger baby sitter.

It started with Vikileaks which prompted his quick fight to find the culprit, claiming he was offended by the idea and not by the content, and yet again, he has established himself as a liar, a hypocrite and one who plays by double standards. It continues with Anonymous who is single-handedly responsible for the death of SOPA in the United States. Anonymous has released warnings and are coming through with them, demanding Toews step down and that Bill C-30 be slain.

Second Warning from Anonymous

The Conservatives are muzzling and will sweep it under the rug to try to get it passed in the House of Commons in which they restrict debate time and impose its majority in the House and in the stacked Senate.

Bill C-30 also conflicts with section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms passed in 1982.

Petitions are going around and it is in your best interests to sign them. Open Media and the Liberal Party are good first stops. This is what you get for not getting informed and voting in general elections.

Open Media Petition

Liberal Party of Canada Petition

Benjamin Franklin had strong words back in the day, “Those who are willing to give up their freedom for security deserve neither.”