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Looking onward to the 21st Century

Canada is entering the 21st century based on technology of the 1800s. Our education system is an assembly line. Our healthcare system assumes that patients are not well enough informed to manage their own medical records. Our bureaucratic structure is unnecessarily complex and large for the services we need to produce. Add on the abuses and perks and misplaced priorities and you get a very expensive system that doesn’t work very well.

Canada needs to have a big discussion. A discussion on policy. A discussion on the future of our country. No, it won’t be a discussion on whether capitalism has failed and whether we should replace it with yet another model from the past, it will be a discussion on how to create a model for the future.  The discussion will start on our Facebook page where we will be presenting a forum. Please do invite your friends and family, and have them invite their friends and families to join the discussion by liking and participating on our page.

The NDP are going to be working on a way to justify a tax hike agenda in tough economic times with an unbalanced budget. In the next election, we can likely see them running on the famed “tax the rich” stance and then promise massive new spending projects that they will claim will be beneficial to society and the economy. While it sounds like a good plan – especially when they really start talking about the more socialistic values behind it – it really is nothing more than deception.

Taxes are not a means of revenue, never were. If you had an economy that was next to dead, taxing citizens, businesses, or the rich, by 15% would mean the same as taxing them by say 50%. The difference would be marginal because the economy in this scenario is so weak that money is practically non-existent. This is because tax hikes are wealth distribution and not wealth creation.

The Conservatives have already made reckless tax cuts that make government less flexible, but reversing those cuts incurs greater penalty than having made them.

The Liberals haven’t yet went public with a policy on the economy that is concrete, however, they did have an inspiring speech at their convention.

It is time that we do things differently and innovate to create the 21st century’s world leading model. Now is the time, The Discussion Starts Here!