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Harper Government Quietly Purchasing Rescue Planes

Canadian Forces search and rescue technicians board a C-115 Buffalo before participating in a search and rescue exercise in Whitehorse in September 2010. The Harper Government is quietly looking into a $3.7 billion purchase of new search-and-rescue planes. When the idea was pitched 6 years ago by the Conservatives, the cost was $3.1 billion, $600 million less than now. The project was put into a bureaucratic limbo a long time ago when Paul Martin first approved it and it never got done.

It goes to show that the government is not too good in choosing purchase times. While we don’t need these new planes and no one is looking at job creation, but rather how to split up dwindling funds, they’re being bought anyway. The same goes to the F-35 deal which would essentially be the expensive purchase of lemons that the United States on all sides of political spectrum have agreed that the value of their purchase was just not worth it.

You have people learning how to use coupons and how to shop when there are sales and how to play on the competitive key of Canada’s economy along with how to be minimalist and only buy the necessities. When will the government finally learn the same thing? Imagine how much we would and could have saved if the government was actually prudent with their use of limited funds – a skill that Canadian families and individuals in the lower and middle class have had to master in order to survive.

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