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Harper Brought us Back into Mulroney’s Hole

In the May 2011 election, Harper won on the premise that he was a good economic manager and the media touted his management as supreme. Apart from that propaganda, the numbers tell a different story. Despite the 2008 recession being caused by external forces, Harper’s mismanagement is as much to blame for the 2008 crisis and the mess that has yet to be cleaned up.

The Conservatives may claim they are good hands on the wheel in terms of the economy but it is no secret that they dug us into a whole. They claim Canada is leading the G8 out of recession but after the UK (77%), Germany (80%), and France (81%), Canada’s debt to GDP ratio is 84%. Below is a glance at Canada’s debt over the years.

They may load our TVs and YouTube channel advertisement areas with promotions for their Economic Action Plan but the unemployment rate went up in December – not down.
Canada can apparently afford:
The list of Harper’s increases in spending go on, feel free to add the stuff that wasn’t mentioned in the comments below. This year, Canada will be in a $30 billion deficit and have a $570 billion debt.

Stephen Harper managed to repeat Mulroney’s damage in under 5 years, how can he justify that he is a good economic manager?

With money being wasted on his bureaucratic friends and failed policy, how can you justify his reckless choice of cuts and “major transformations”?

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