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The NDP are fed up of the Liberals

A closed-door discussion over whether to end the study into Canada's F-35 purchase has led to a verbal battle between the committee's NDP chairman David Christopherson and the sole Liberal member over the rules.If there is one parody that sings loud in Canadian politics, it is the outright hatred that the NDP show towards the Liberals and while for a short period of time, it seems the Liberals and NDP found grounds to work together, old resentments made it back to the surface.

NDP MP and chairman of the closed door F35 committee, David Christopherson called the sole Liberal member Gerry Byrne a “dishonorable crybaby,” last Thursday.

It comes after the Liberal member asked Christopherson a question because only committee chairs could respond to direct queries.

"Despite my motions having been previously called and still up for debate, the chair has chosen not to allow them to proceed," Byrne said. "Why has the chair not allowed my motions to be dealt with and will he commit that before proceeding to other business he will allow my motions to be properly debated and properly voted on?"

Chrisopherson said that he ruled the Liberal’s motions as out of order and emerged playing dirty politics, accusing the Liberal of launching a personal attack in the committee.

"Mr. Byrne has chosen that because he can't get the rulings he wants, that he is going to hold whatever tantrums are necessary to convince the world that he's right and the rest of the world is wrong.

And on this matter, in my opinion, Mr. Byrne has been a dishonorable crybaby and because he doesn't have enough talent to come up with procedures that will let him win, he starts to argue the rules are unfair.

If you attack me, I’m from Hamilton. You attack me, I’m going to attack back. And that was a dishonorable, unnecessary attack. And I just responded.”

NDP MP, Committee Chair, David Christopherson.

Like usual with the NDP, politics comes first and it comes dirty. They always find a way to attack the Liberals, even when they are their only allies in their fight against the Conservatives. But we can still remember the days when the Liberals were in government and when the Conservatives were in minority when the NDP used all of their energy to attack the Liberals and every time the Liberals were ready to attack the Conservatives, the NDP ran to make a plea bargain with the Conservatives.

Isn't this what Canadians are fed up with NDP? The dirty political games that pit sides against each other? Weren’t you guys the ones who said you wanted to change that? Some things just never change.

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