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Harper is ready to work with the Separatists

Prime Minister Stephen Harper throws a washer during an friendly game with members of his cabinet Sunday June 24, 2012 in St-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage, Que. Prime Minister Stephen Harper campaigned on having a “strong, stable, national Conservative Majority Government” to protect Canadians from a “coalition with the separatists.” It turns out that after a secret meeting with former PM Brian Mulroney and current Quebec Premier Jean Charest, Harper is ready to work with the separatists.

Harper is running dead last in Quebec, losing seats in the last federal election in the province. Quebecors have made it clear that Conservative policies are out of touch with them but Harper is now looking at the reset button – even though it will not work.

It adds to the Conservatives’ power-hungry mantra. One that saw a guilty plea in spending illegalities in the 2006 election and one that has led to the suspicion of voter fraud in the last election. Let us not forget that Harper too has signed a deal with the separatists in his past, when he wanted to topple Paul Martin’s Liberal government.

The coalition was to be made between Conservative leader Stephen Harper, NDP leader Jack Layton and Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe.

The Conservatives, admitting that they want to play nice with the Parti Quebecois who are expected to form a government should a provincial election be called this fall, have joined the NDP in the softening of federalist appeal.

We remember that the interim NDP leader Nycole Turmel had ties to another Quebec separatist party, the Quebec Solidaire and we remember that a good number of her new Quebec MPs had differing views on Quebec independence than the rest of the nation. We also remember when Liberal MP Stephane Dion slammed the NDP when they said Quebec independence should just be a 50%+1 vote when he argued that the NDP would play into the hands of the separatists.

So Harper, now seeming more desperate than ever to hold onto power will be working nicely with the people he said he’d fight and protect the country against. Harper used to cry that any opposition coalition with the separatists would be a danger for this country. He wanted one in 2005 and now he is set to work with its provincial counterpart.