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The Duffy Affair: Investigation broadens, implicates 12 Tory MPs

The Duffy investigation has broadened to grab the electoral records of 12 Conservative MPs and the spending claims of independent senator Mac Harb. Court records show the RCMP's sensitive and international investigations division has characterized the investigation as one on "Breach of Trust."

The records show the RCMP has records that show Harb owned a residence in Cobden Ontario until May 2011. Harb is suing the senate claiming he did nothing wrong and the senate mishandled the file.

Records held by CBC show Duffy claimed per diems while campaigning for a list of Conservative candidates in the last election.
  • Scott Armstrong.
  • John Carmichael.
  • Robert Goguen.
  • Gerald Keddy.
  • Greg Kerr.
  • Sandy Lee.
  • Wladyslaw Lizon.
  • David Morse.
  • Joe Oliver.
  • Tilly O'Neil Gordon.
  • Gin Siow.
  • Rodney Weston.
The senate has handed over two DVDs filled with documents pertaining to Duffy's expense claims and the minutes of May 28's Board of Internal Economy meeting.

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