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PUCAPAB: The Liberals Have a Sense of Humor as a Spring Election seems Imminent

Over the course of the next few weeks as Canada approaches the vote on the budget that is expected to be defeated, the Liberals and Conservatives will be bashing each others heads into the wall. While the Conservatives go all out with Republican style ads, the Liberals mock Harper and create a Facebook page to fuel their Quebec wing of their campaign.

A Francophone ad that mocks Stephen Harper’s record
There is no doubt that the Liberals want an election, and after 5 years, we aren’t so well off, we must admit that they’re right on that. With corporate tax cuts on the up coming budget, Liberals use it as an opportunity to attack Harper on his lack of family support and use it to discredit the NDP who have long made their campaigns and priorities focused around families. If the NDP pass the budget because they aren’t ready for an election, they lose all credibility – based on recent polls, Jack Layton will not fair well in an election, and quite frankly, those who want to get rid of Harper will have to choose to scrap either the Liberals or NDP, and based on the numbers, it may be easier for them to leave the NDP behind.

The Liberals actually have a strategy this time!

But the NDP aren’t going to give up, they feel they still have relevance, and so they beg for help that would ultimately allow Stephen Harper to split the middle even more with his 33% minority of the country behind him.

In the end of the day, the Bloc Quebecois may be the deciding factor and with several bribes for money for Quebec on the table, if the Conservatives want to bail – as they usually do – the Bloc Quebecois may be open for business. Let us hope that the Bloc Quebecois remember that they represent the interests of Quebec and Quebec doesn’t favor Corporate tax cuts… just saying.

If there is an election campaign this spring, it may very well be an interesting one to follow.