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Stephen Harper’s 5 Years

Canada has gone a long way in its history and today it looks at the longest standing minority government in its history. Although, when looking at Harper’s legacy, we look at a blank slate filled with spiteful and an American Republican approach to politics. Stephen Harper will not attack his opponents with policy, he will attack their person. Unfortunately, this disgusting method of politics works and is the politics that the Tea Party fueled Republicans use all the time. Unfortunately, the Liberal Party is too gentle and civil to scoop down to Harper and the Conservative party of Canada’s level of campaigning.

American Republican Party Ad: Attacked Rand Paul for the Idea that he didn’t believe in God…

But, personal attack ads work because Canadians just simply cannot get a grip around policy and the Conservatives are so narrow in their governing achievements that Canadians look at the Liberals and see a man who came to Canada after 35 years of exploring the world and all of a sudden, it is a bad thing. There is a growing apathy among voters and an overall drop in attention.

While the news will praise Harper because that’s what they seem to like to do these days, we must realize that he is governing a minority government. This means that if Harper proposed policy that was unpopular to the majority of the seats he needs to stay in power, he would be thrown out. While not doing much in the policy side of his mandate, he has granted himself a safe card because people are so indifferent about him that there doesn’t seem to be a reason to change or to get rid of him. If Stephen Harper were to form a majority government, we would see a different person. We would see a more spiteful person. We would not recognize the Canada we once knew as it would become the 51st state of the United States of America. Not that the United States is a bad country, but for a country whose views are generally socialistic, peaceful and full of care, the United States doesn’t accommodate these views very well.

The Conservative view is that of the general American view. Let us not forget that the Americans hate our healthcare, find that we are a weak welfare state and their right wing movement will stop at nothing to prevent Obama from bringing in a Universal Healthcare system and God forbid he tell them that he wants to help the families that are living on the streets. It is this opposition that we see in the United States toward Obama that our governing Conservatives represent. Happy 5 years to them, hopefully they don’t make us more of a laughing stock than we already are -  our environmental profile is atrocious (worst than the US) and we lost our seat on the UN Security Council.

When You try to ask for help in the United States, this is what happens.

While our media likes to praise Harper for his 5 years of hiding, let us not forget that Harper and his Reform based party will not be so quiet or compromising in a majority government – they were barely compromising in their 5 years in power!

Hopefully no one forgot about Stephen Harper’s closed door speech that was leaked to the public. Give this man a majority government and he no longer risks losing if he shows his true views of our great country that we call Canada.

If Stephen Harper had a majority government…

Harper will not let you see what he really thinks and he promised transparency 5 years ago… Can you trust a man who goes back on his word?