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The Silence is Broken

Reaching YouTube's most viewed video position, the world is now aware of what Canadian’s think of their government’s budgeting abilities. The video: If I Had a Billion Dollars, a modified remake of the original by the Bare-naked Ladies has become the anthem to ridicule Stephen Harper’s fake lake and meeting filled with “rubber bullets.”


As rumors go around about a Liberal-New Democrat merger, it is important to keep to the main issues. While such a party merger would be controversial, and might end the left wing vote split, it isn’t something that we can confirm or control. However, Canadian’s tax money is being mismanaged and this issue isn’t going to slip under the table due to a lack of media coverage. However, for any kind of justice for a billion of our dollars wasted, is it really worth watching the moves of the opposition? Shouldn’t we be pressuring the government to NOT waste OUR money?

Take back your democracy, have the guts to make your voices heard. This is Canada, not a dictatorship. We pay taxes to fund our social programs that aid Canadian families and are the envy of the world, not for major tax cuts for companies who abuse their powers and for government luxuries. Politicians are public servants, they serve the people, not themselves.